The Ultimate Guide To Hiblow

The Ultimate Guide To Hiblow

Hiblow Air Pumps

What Is Hiblow?

Hiblow USA is the leading manufacture septic tank aerators. They make many different size aerators for different applications, including the most popular model the Hiblow HP 80.

Why Hiblow?

Hiblow is the most popular widely used aerator on septic tanks and there is very good reason for this. Hiblow is by far the best aerator on the market today. It is the best for several reasons.

  • Hiblow is approved on more septic systems than any other aerator
  • It is the longest lasting air pump on the market
  • Its replacement parts are inexpensive and widely available

Which aerator do you need for your septic system?

To find out more about a hiblow air pump click the link below

Hiblow HP 40 Hiblow HP 60 Hiblow HP 80 Hiblow HP 100 Hiblow HP 120 Hiblow HP 150 Hiblow HP 200

Each Hiblow air pump is designed to match the size of septic system. Septic system size is measured by the GPD (gallons per day) the tank is designed to handle. The most common system for a single family residence is a 500 GPD system.

See the table below to find the proper Hiblow air pump to meet your systems GPD.

Hiblow HP 40 *
Hiblow HP 60 *
Hiblow HP 80 500 GPD
Hiblow HP 100 600 GPD
Hiblow HP 120 750 GPD
Hiblow HP 150 1000 GPD
Hiblow HP 200 1500 GPD

*not commonly used in septic systems often used for pond aeration.

Hiblow Vs Others

Many other aerators are used with diffrent septic systems. Such as Gast, Medo & Secoh. These other brands of air pumps can almost allways be replaced with a Hiblow. Just make sure you buy the correct Hiblow to match the LPM (Liters Per Minute)

Hiblow Secoh Medo Alita Gast
40 LPM HP 40 SLL 40 LA 45 AL 40 X
60 LPM HP 60 EL 60 LA 60 AL 60 X
80 LPM HP 80 EL 80 LA 80 AL 80 AT05
100 LPM HP 100 EL 100 LA 100 AL 100 AT 05
120 LPM HP 120 EL 120 LA 120 AL 120 AT 05
150 LPM HP 150 EL 150 X AL 150 0823
200 LPM HP 200 EL 200 X AL 200 1023

Many of the above listed Items are available for purchase at TG WasteWater


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